Earthquake Basket

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Basket contains several great earthquake products. Contents: Quake Hold Putty Quake Hold Gel Picture and Mirror Fastener Washer/Dryer strap Refrigerator strap TV fastener and quake wrench. QuakeHold Putty is an inexpensive safety measure against costly losses and is simple to apply and remove. Use clear QuakeHold Gel for your transparent glass and crystal items. Clear QuakeHold is a gel that transforms into a solid film to create a secure bond. It is completely removable and reusable. Hold your pictures and mirrors in a maze made of the same plastic that snowboard bindings are made of. Now you can hang light and heavy pictures and mirrors with the same fastener. The Washer/Dryer Strap will help keep the washer/dryer from moving away from the wall during an earthquake. Refrigerators are often on wheels and can slide across a kitchen during an earthquake. The Refrigerator Strap will help keep them in place. The TV Fastening Kit uses VersaBUCKLEs one on either side of the TV to hold down the base. An additional top strap is used to restrain the TV from coming forward toward the viewer. The food in your refrigerator can be very important to your survival in the days following an earthquake. These items also help to childproof your home by giving added protection.

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