Black Tie Affair Basket

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Glycerin soaps - Black Tie Affair Gift Basket - Hot Lava and Moonglow with a wooden soap rack to help soap last. All are packaged in a great pale. Make everyday a special occasion with this well dressed bar Black Tie Affair. Hot Lava is a warm and earthy mix of patchouli sandalwood and sweet orange in one dazzling display. Dream the night away with Moonglow this calming brew-laced with the exotic blend of green tea and jasmine. Soaps are made with 100% vegetable glycerin which allow moisture to be drawn to the body. Only FD&C - approved cosmetic color dyes fragrant oils and essential oils are used. Slices are approximately 2.5"x4"x1". All soaps are handcrafted; therefore please allow for variance. No animal products or byproducts are used and all are fully biodegradable.

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